The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (Commission) and the Council for Community and Technical College Education (Council) in August, 2017, approved the new market-based higher education compensation management program.  The work began in July 2015 with a contract with Mercer, a globally recognized compensation management consultant.

Working with Mercer, the HEPC and CTCS analyzed the old system of classifying jobs using a point factor method and the years-of-service salary structure.  The analysis resulted in a recommendation to abandon the existing, outdated methods in favor of a market-based compensation structure.  Mercer worked with Human Resources staff from the campuses and the state central office in a team to complete a compensation market study.

After gathering feedback from classified staff representatives, the classification and compensation team developed a new higher education compensation philosophy AND designed a new market-based compensation structure for West Virginia public higher education employees. The team developed salary administration and job classification guidelines and assigned pay grades for the state’s nearly 4,700 classified employees.

The Commission and Council’s Division of Human Resources is providing to every state college and university two software programs that will help the schools create and maintain job descriptions and the market value of jobs in every employee category.

West Virginia Higher Education Compensation Philosophy

West Virginia Higher Education Job Classification Guidelines

West Virginia Higher Education Salary Administration Guidelines

WV Higher Education Employee Salary Schedule with Quartiles

Classification and Compensation Terms

Job Slotting Approximation Guide

West Virginia Higher Education Classification and Compensation Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)